We are privileged as we are called but the respond in taking up the challenge or not, is ours! Many are called but few are chosen, the chosen ones are those who answer to the call.

When we took the challenge we must not stop too soon or go too quickly, for if we stop to soon the enemy can come behind us and destroy what we have achieved. The strength of the battle is in our obedience to the Word of Elohim as in Zachariah 4:6 Then he answered me, “This is the word of ADONAI to Z’rubavel:’Not by force, and not by power, but by my Spirit,’ says ADONAI- Tzva’ot.

Do not go too quickly, but wait upon the Father as you trust in Him to move and accomplish the things required for the victory, but for this you will have to submit the will of the flesh in obedience to the Lord, a assurance of victory as in James 4:7 Therefore, submit to God. Moreover, take a stand against the Adversary, and he will flee from you. Be aware and alert to wait in faith!!! The Israelites were not prepared to wait for Moses the 40 days while Almighty God were preparing the legal document for His covenant with them. The result was that the whole process was aborted and many of them died as idolaters, choosing another god, a golden calf made by their own hands! This waiting is also called obedience, meaning we do not march without marching orders. Disobedience for a soldier in battle means certain death.

In the movie “The Four feathers” the real warrior, Harry, leaves the army in disgrace refusing to go to war in Sudan as he was on the point to marry the love of his life, Enid his fiancée. However this causes him to loose her respect. After serious introspection he decides to leave for Sudan on his own in a bid to support his friends. He manages to infiltrate and join the enemy. In his first battle contact charging the British army on horse back with the enemy, he saves the life of his friend! As a spy he also manages to save the lives of his other 2 friends. Not leaving for war when his friends did, caused him to actually save their lives.

There is a lesson to be learned in the mentioned film, for a warrior it is essential not to do the obvious but move in obedience to Almighty God. He alone sees the whole picture, a general do not divulge strategic plans to the troops prematurely. It cannot be over emphasized that this is the reason a warrior move only in obedience to the command of His commanding officer, the Almighty God.

2 Timothy 2:4-5

Accept your share in suffering disgrace as a good soldier of the Messiah Yeshua. No soldier on duty gets involved with civilian affairs, since he has to please his commanding officer. (CJB)

As warriors we move in obedience we do not succumb to the plans of people.

As warriors we must not stop too soon. When David killed Goliath he did not stop when the giant lay on the ground but he took Goliath’s own sword to cut off his head. We must always know that when we see the victory and it seems the battle is won we must hang in there and complete the assignment in obedience to the Holy Spirit. Be careful to think you have the victory before you actually do have the victory!!!

Over confidence and arrogance can lead to reacting in confidence instead of obedience.

In war terms there is a technique called an ambush when the enemy draws you into an area where he lies concealed in waiting to attack you. This is where we must be alert and obedient to Abba Father’s Holy Spirit. Humbly acknowledging that we are only more than conquerors in Yeshua the Messiah, more than overcomer’s in Him!

A true warrior lives by Rev.12:11 “They defeated him because of the Lamb’s blood and because of the message of their witness. Even when facing death they did not cling to life.

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