Community Transformation

Stop imagining start believing

Community altering revival is the result of community based evangelism through the power of prayer. It is were hope give way to faith, preparing a way for the Lord to come into a community.

God’s presence is the catalyst for community transformation.

Community transformation is what happens when a community is overrun by the presence of God, it is when the Kingdom of God came into the community and every level of society reacts to a new authority, the authority of God bringing in a new sense of purpose. Perfection is not the measure of transformation, transformation of a community is like sanctification of an individual, it is an event and a process.

Jesus however said – “apart from Me, you can do nothing” people in general have no sense of who they are or were they are goning, there is only one remedy, to invite God to dwell amongst us, for when God comes into a community His presence becomes our identity and every facet of our live submit to the authority of God. A new sense of destiny comes into the community and the name of the city, from that time on will be “THE LORD IS THERE” as it is written in Ezekiel 48:35 And from that day on the name of the city will be ADONAI Shamah [ADONAI is there.

Transformation is a reflection of God’s character within the community.