Theological misperceptions

The mis understanding of scripture, saying that we cannot call on God to intervene – 2Ch 7:14 if My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. Isa 62:7 And give Him no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the earth.

If we do as God commanded us to do, then God will do whatever He wants to do, but if we are disobedience we become the obstacle on the way to transformation.

Jesus se the excample through participating fellowship, but if we refeuse to do our part, nothing will happen. As Jesus called on Peter to through out the fishing net, Peter could decide not to, but then he would not have made a catch. God have chosen us to be His body (The body of Christ) to make Himself known on earth, He commanded us to be a light unto world.

God never lost focus, He is still diligently seeking a transformed world, and that is the very reason He send His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. But He waits on us to come in aggreement with His plan and will.

Reliance on programs

Because we cannot always distinguish between good idea and God’s ideas, we end up with religious work and not real Spiritual change. (Moses on the mountain and the Israelites). We do not distinguish between real faith and religious games.

Humanism and man’s ability is leading us away from faith in Jesus and His ability. We want to take the credit for a program being initiated, while Jesus said that the work that God called us for is to believe (trust, rely upon) on Him, Jesus as the one send from God.

We in the modern society moved away from Kingdom building to ministry building. We are so busy with the institution of the Gospel that we miss out on the Gospel, and the relationship with Jesus.

If God does not transform people, there is no transformation. Program orientation is mark by impatience and pride, not only do we offend God when we insist on our own course, we limit our own inability to receive guidance from God to bring about transformation. We plan en then asked God to bless our plans, instead of waiting on God to release His plan. (Moses on the mountain)

Do not seek man’s ways for answers, do not allow the world around you to dictate to you, spend time on your knees to get counsel from God. If we wait on God, then we can partner with God and His creation work and His power behind it. If however we rely on our programs then we have to be the power behind it.

Preoccupation with programs comes seductively, for the world that we live in, is focus on own effort.

Lower the bar of expectancies

We becomeimpationed and lower the bar of expectancies, being satisfied with the little that God is doing, the hope of glory is no more focus on the establishment of the Kingdom of God in our lifetime, we tend to say that it will take generations. Without realizing it, we are proclaiming just that. If our goals are high enough, small breakthroughs will not distract us.

There is so much more God wants to do, but we have humanized the Christian church, and therefore we no longer look at Christ and His ability, we look at our own inability. We talk about Jesus more that we talk to Jesus, we talk about what Jesus did without expecting Him to do it for us, because we are no longer following Him.

We talk about a living God but we do not expect Him to be alive within us and our world. We have no expectation of the supernatural.

Misplaced motives

What is our motive when we invite God into a community. Is it about us, or our circumstances, or is about God and His love for the lost. Looking at God not as the solution to our problems but we must look at God, knowing that He already gave us all that we need, but He asked of us to share His love as we build a hedge around those who do not know Him.

We must clense our hearts to ensure that there is no hidden agenda of selfish ambition in our hearts. Relational intimacy is the purpose, it is therefore not about the community, but it is about God’s Kingdom being establish in the hearts of people. The more we pursue Him the more we realize how much we need Him.

Community transformation must be about a desire to be in the presence of God.

Ignorance of the past

Lack of diligence to seek the face of God. To be in God precence we cannot hide from God, and God want to bless, but there is conditions to be dealt with, repentance for the sins of the past.

No sense of membership

We are part of one Body, the Body of Christ. Unity is a Godly revelation, that we as a body can only achieve the results that God want as we stand united in Christ. We must acknowledge that the pure doctrine of the church is within us, one Spirit, one God, one Baptism.

Lack for hunger

We want God’s presence at our convenience, at times that suit our schedule. Our lives are filled with activities that keep us away from God’s precence. Revival is born out of passion and intimacy with the Lord as we acknowledge that we have been recreated in Christ Jesus to do the good works that God predestined for us. We must seek God’s face with a desire to bring in fulfilment His predestined plan. Decide whether you want a confortable Christian life or do you want God’s presences.