Preparing the Way

We are called to prepare a way (Christ mission of compassion)

Jesus showed compassion for the lost, for the hungry and the needy. Like John the baptizer we must prepare a way so that Jesus can be revealed to the people. We do this by sharing His compassion for the people. Isaiah 62:10 is an example of a call to prepare a way for the people. Consider it in relation to the Christ mission of compassion.

Isaiah 62:10
Go on through, go on through the gates, clear the way for the people!
Build up a highway, build it up!
Clear away the stones!
Raise a banner for the peoples!

First phase : Go on through, go on through the gates, clear the way for the people!

This is a command to pass through the gates to clear the way for the people. To understand the parable of the command, you need to look at the way people lived in the days of Isaiah. In those days people stayed in fortified city with high walls and big city gates to protect the inhabitants from the enemy threads. The command is to go through the gates, meaning to go out to the people that are vulnerable to the enemies attacks because their way to the security of the city have been blocked. Outside the city there is no protection.

The meaning of the parable is this, we having been saved through Jesus Christ need to go out with the same compassion Jesus had to the lost people, and to clear the way for them to come to the Lord and to come under His protection. The way could have been blocked by false religions standing in the persons way to come unto Jesus, these obstacles is used by the enemy to keep them from coming to Jesus. Like Adam and Eve who hid when they heard the voice of God in the garden.

We must remember that our responsibility is to open the way to Jesus, and not to become the way.

Second phase : Build up a highway, build it up!

The second command, is to build a highway, not just a way, a highway. It is not only to clear the way, but to build a highway, so that people can easily come under the protection of the Lord. The way must be clear, it must be highly visible, with no possibility of doubt as to where to go.

Third phase : Clear away the stones!

Even after building the highway, we must assist the people on the highway by clearing the stone that make them stumble e.g. heresies, false doctrines, false worship, idolatry and superstition, must be cleared away. People must be led in repentance and to understand the error of their ways. We must reveal the truth of Jesus as the Son of God who came to take away the sin of this world, so that the hearers of this Good News can become followers of Jesus and PARTAKERS in the power of His resurrection. In looking at John the baptist as an example, he used every opportunity to reveal Jesus as the Christ.

Fourth phase : Raise a banner for the peoples!

A man once said that if he could see the Christians the Bible talk about, he would become a believer in Jesus! The standard by which we live must proclaim as a banner our faith (trust) in Jesus the Christ. As we raise up a standard within our own lives, people must be able to follow as Paul said “follow me as I follow Christ”.

There is a song that say “let my walk speak loud and my words be true, let my life-song sing to You!” In lifting up Jesus Christ as the standard in our own lives, we lift up a banner for people to follow, as we follow Jesus.