Covenant Truth

Covenant truth is all about understanding what we received in Yeshua.

The Bible in Hebrew is called “sepher habritot” or the book of the covenants – the bible is not ‘n religious book, its a witness to remind Elohim’s people concerning the covenant between Himself and His people.

Let us consider the last part of Isaiah 42:6 as written in Hebrew.

ואצרך ואתנך לברית עם לאור גוים

 Considering that Hebrew is read from right to left, the first word is “natzar” or “natsar”, meaning to keep, to guard or to watch. Yahshua was also called the Natsar or Natsrene (Watcher). The prefix is “and” and the suffix is “you”. The word means “and guard you”. The second word is “nathan” meaning give. The prefix is “and” and the suffix is “you”. The word means “and gave you”

The third word is “bereeth/briyth” meaning covenant or alliance/agreement. On the basis of the contexts, this refer to an agreement between Elohim and man. The prefix is “to” or “towards”, the word means “to a covenant” or “towards a covenant”. The fourth word is “am” meaning people or nation. There is no prefix or suffix in this word. Based on all four words the meaning/translation would be “and guard over you and gave you as a covenant to the people” a light to the world.

Based on the mentioned Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah came to establish in His blood a new covenant between God and man, He (Yeshua is the covenant) a light to the world.

Yeshua said that we must be a light on the table so that the whole house may have light, meaning that as we abide in Him (the new covenant) we will be a light in this world.

If we want the benefit of the covenant agreement, we must abide in Yeshua in the knowledge that He became the new covenant for us.

In this page we will address the covenant and it’s implications.

Food Offered to Idols and Our Responsibility Based on the Covenant Relationship.